flowers, garden, trees

Happy Spring!

I simply cannot believe the outstanding weather we have been experiencing since Phil saw his shadow.  I wonder if that prognosticator has a clue?  The past 2 weeks have brought record setting temps to the ‘burgh, which made the first day of Spring rather anti-climatic.  Not that I’m complaining, but as my favorite day of the year approached, I did not find myself in my usual state of countdown.  In fact, my DD sort of sprung the news on me one day last week.  I had to look at the calendar to make sure she was correct . . . and of course, she was!

You should see the beautiful blooming trees – a ride to the office has turned into such a breathtaking view.  Flowering trees line the streets of Homestead; these same trees line the parking lot at Kennywood.  Weeping Cherry trees are in full bloom all over my neighborhood.  My crabapple is going to be fantastic this year.  And I hope I didn’t trim the buds from my white azaleas…
The daffodils and crocus are up, I’m waiting patiently for tulips.  I spotted 3 bunnies in the yard last night, and for some reason, they enjoy those tulips.  Time to find the chicken wire cages to protect them.  I usually have lilacs around Mother’s Day, but I doubt they are still around for May.  At this rate, I wonder exactly what flowers will be blooming come May.


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