Frosty Freeze

I am a Weather Channel junkie – think I can thank my dad for that one too!  I remember being introduced to the Weather Channel when I was very young, and I thought at that time that the only place you could get weather on your TV was at the beach.  He watched for the timing of the tide; I was more interested in the sun prediction!

I go to sleep with the Weather Channel on – not sure if the repetitive nature of the show or the music (muzak) they play during the local segment is the secret – but it puts me right to sleep!  And I have my alarm set for 5:27 so that the first thing I see on the TV in the morning is the local weather forecast (weather on the 8s)!

So I also have the Weather Channel forecast on my computer’s desktop.  Don’t we all just have to look at the weather prediction on an hourly basis?  Haven’t set up the Home Page option, but that’s probably something I should try!  And today the hot little warning comes up that my area is scheduled for a Freeze Warning tonight.  Can you believe this?  We have had the most incredible Spring Preview for the past month.  All the trees are in bloom, all the spring flowers are up and everyone is thinking that we are past any danger of snow.  But I think this Freeze thing may be worse than snow.

So what’s the difference between a Frost Warning and a Freeze Warning?  I have no idea.  I just know that all my hostas are up and they are in grave danger of turning into a pile of mush unless I do something tonight to protect them.  I did a little reading on this topic, and it seems the best options are covering tender vegetation with a sheet or a cardboard box or even a flowerpot turned upside down.  I can’t believe just last week I tore down 3 or 4 nice sized cardboard boxes – I’m such a recycling nut.  If I don’t put those out for the recycle truck my DH will toss them in the trash – nooooo.

So, I’m planning to cover the azaleas, rhododendrons, and hostas with sheets and any boxes that may still be lurking in the garage!  I may even have to cut a few paper grocery bags down and figure out how to keep them over the taller plants.  My yard is gonna look like a crazy Halloween town tonight!

1 thought on “Frosty Freeze”

  1. My hubby is a weather watcher too, he’s even been on a course. In fairness it was related to his job at the time but he’s had the weather watching bug ever since!



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