The garden carpet . . .

I was watching a replay of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ with my daughter last night.  I’m not really sure why I like that show, but I really enjoy watching it with B.  She’s a dancer, so there’s a good reason for her to like it.  She recognizes the different steps that go into each dance, she can identify what is really hard, what just looks hard, and when they make a mistake.  I just see some very attractive people wearing very colorful and shiny costumes.  I find myself focusing on their feet, for to me, if you can move your feet that fast and not step on your partner’s, you are a great dancer!  And there lies the reason I quit taking ballroom dance lessons – it really hurts to have your foot stepped on!

So in the middle of the recording, we sometimes forget to FF through the commercials.  That’s why we DVR everything we watch.  Well, that and the fact that our house of 5 rarely agrees on what is considered a ‘good show’.  How did my dad ever tolerate my Friday night obsession with “The Brady Bunch” and “The Partridge Family”, the ‘good shows’ of my early youth?  So the commercials were playing when one started and I must have started smiling, because my daughter observed, “You really like this commercial, don’t you?” and the truth is, I love that commercial.  It’s a Home Depot commercial where a lady steps into her basement and pulls out a carpet, proceeds to her backyard, and shakes the carpet over the bare yard.  The carpet is full of flowers, shrubs, pavers for walkways, a full blown garden carpet!  And I’m LOVING this commercial!

I want a garden carpet!



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