The grass is indeed greener

I work at a university in Pittsburgh.  It’s not THE University of Pittsburgh, but it’s VERY closeby.  While the Pitt campus is virtually all concrete sidewalks and streets, the Carnegie Mellon University campus is very green.  In addition to luring some of the brightest students from around the world, CMU is very good at growing and regrowing lawns!

It’s amazing how many times I’ve seen them out patching bare spots.  Last summer, they replaced some underground structures right in the middle of a lawn called “The Cut”.  It was a mess, with half the lawn destroyed by the work.  It was eventually replaced with sod, and you can’t even tell where the work was done at this point.  This was a major re-establishment of green, but I’m more impressed with the smaller areas that are repaired every year.

Especially around this time of year, we start putting on our best face as the alumni and parents will be here shortly for carnival and graduation.  The flower beds will be planted and replanted just prior to commencement.  But the grass.  Ah, yes, the grass.

I’ve been watching the process, and it doesn’t look that hard.  Along the sidewalks throughout campus, there are plenty of corners that get trampled and the grass gets destroyed.  It looks like they mix grass seed with compost or some growing medium and toss that on the bare spots.  That’s it.  No muss, no fuss.  There is a sprinkler system that runs at night, so maybe a little fuss.

This inspired me.

I went home last evening and found 3 bags of grass seed – all unopened!  A quick look around the shed and I discovered a half bag of peat moss and a few bags of garden soil.  My former vegetable garden has mounds of good soil, and I scooped a few shovels into the wheelbarrow.  Mixed in the peat and bagged soil – doesn’t mixing dirt just feel soo good!!  I tossed in a bag of grass seed, the one that says it’s for shade and sun – I hope they know what they are doing!  I then proceeded to fill in the bare spots around the pool, around the deck, around the walkway.  A little water every night, and I’m hoping the lawn will look as professional as the CMU lawn.

Well, a girl can dream, right?


4 thoughts on “The grass is indeed greener

  1. Lynne Ayers says:

    I look forward every spring to digging in my dirt – I find that all else just falls away and I just take pleasure in the feel and scent of the earth, pulling out what shouldn’t be there, tamping in what I hope will grow gloriously and colourfully – doesn’t always happen – but it’s all in the doing – right?


    • gardengirl204 says:

      Exactly, Lynne. I really love all that working in the yard brings. Just being outside and listening to the birds, even pulling weeds is a great stress reliever! I always say that living through cold winters allows me to truly appreciate the spring and summer. But I think I could live in a region without winter – no problem!



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