It’s not easy being green . . .

I really do my best to reuse, reduce, and recycle.  I gather the newspapers and bundle them, I sort the plastics, cans, and glass for our bi-weekly pickup, break down the cardboard boxes for the pickup.  The biggest problem with all of this preparation is, where in the world do you keep it before disposing?  This is the one thing that sabotages my efforts.

The Hub is very good at throwing things away.  He’s always been that way.  His mother used to tell stories of dumpster diving for homework assignments way back in the day.  So for me to expect the pile of newspaper stashed under the buffet in the dining room to be there come recycling day is a pipe dream.

Since the recycling has to be segregated from the everyday trash, I have separate bags next to the trash can specifically for the recyclables.  My kitchen was built in the days before Earth Day, so there’s not much room for an extra trash can.  The recycling bags hang on a cabinet handle – not very attractive.

And speaking of bags, I have a very nice collection of reusable grocery bags that never seem to make their way to the grocery store.  They adorn the trunk, even make their way to the back seat on grocery day.  Then their location crosses my mind as I’m checking out at the grocery store.  Our grocery stores use those thin plastic bags, and they do offer a recycling service for those.  Of course, there are bags of plastic grocery bags hanging out in the trunk, just waiting for the day I remember to take them and their friends, the reusables, into the store with me.



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