deck garden

A purpose for the wisteria

This weekend was filled with all sorts of outside activities – watching Son #2 playing baseball, watching B playing softball,  swimming in the pool (I am so glad we opened it in late April), and building a gazebo.  And I realized that we humans weren’t the only ones so busy.

My wisteria has become the home of a bird family!

We noticed last week that a nest was being built, but I really thought it was too close to our steps that we use every day to get from the deck to the backyard.  We went out on Sunday, removed the nest, and look what I found yesterday morning!

Those robins are very persistent.  Now you must understand, this wisteria is growing up the railing of my deck, which connects the deck to the yard below.  Not the most desolate location for a nest.

We will do our best to give this family some privacy, and hopefully the momma bird will be patient with us for using our steps.  What’s really cool about this location is how close we can get to it.  Other nests have been built under the supports of the deck, but we can’t really see what’s going on in there unless we look through the boards of the deck.  Not a very clear view.  But we will have a close up view of this family.

I’ll keep you posted on our new borders!


11 thoughts on “A purpose for the wisteria”

  1. How lovely! We have some swallows who have made a nest just to the left of our front door above the steps, it’s not the most secluded place to build one either and we also will try to give them some privacy but with the steps well used and 3 dogs bounding up and down it’s going to be difficult! I’m looking forward to seeing how your robin family progress.


    1. Your swallows are going to have an interesting time with three dogs so close by! I’m getting kind of concerned about my robin family – there’s still only one egg and no sign of momma. I hope I didn’t scare her away by getting close enough for the pictures.


      1. I’m sure these are the same swallows who used an old nest situated in our barn a few weeks ago. They left the nest with their eggs in it sadly because we were back and forth that’s why I can’t understand why they’ve built their new one so close to us again. Perhaps your momma robin just decided the place wasn’t right too?


    1. Thank you very much! We now have two eggs, and momma doesn’t actually hang out in the nest. But she’s always close by. I can’t wait to see the new birds, and will update the photos as they grow!


      1. We had a mama bird make a nest in a wreath that I had on a glass door one year. We got to see the whole egg hatching process. REALLY neat…but baby birds are MESSYYY!!! I had to throw the wreath away and wash the window and floor mat. 🙂



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