Thank goodness for seed catalogs!

I spent my lunch hour browsing through a few of the seed catalogs that have graced my mailbox these past few weeks.  They start arriving soon after the first of the year, just in time to lift you out of the letdown of post-Christmas.  And the anticipation starts then, of waiting till Mother’s Day or even Memorial Day in my Hardiness Zone 5a, so that we can start setting out and planting!  Oh, it’s like waiting for Santa – will he EVER get here!!

I may be a little late to start the garden from seed, though.  My dad used to get the tomatoes started in January!  He was always racing  to get the first red tomato by the 4th of July.  He was also very secretive about when he started his seeds.  Wait a minute, was  he was racing me?

I have a shoe box full of seed packets, some actually belonged to my dad.

photo (2)

They are pretty old.  I recently came across a great idea for cataloging your seed collection.  Thanks to Dirt, dishes & design for this great idea!

Now that I’m realizing how old my seed collection is, I have been stopping at every seed display I see, just browsing through the virtual garden in my mind.  I know I will try to start some impatiens, at least.

I was reminded today about the Phipps Conservatory May Market and National Public Market Day – an annual garden sale held right across the lawn from where I work, and I think I will make a visit there this year and pick up some vegetables to grow in containers on the deck.

Just in case the seeds from my shoe box decide not to sprout!

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