The Stained Glass Bird Feeder

Spent part of the day raking leaves, making some natural mulch for the flower beds.  I rake them up and then run them over with the lawnmower.  Spread and water.  I hear it’s nature’s best mulch, returning 87% of the trees’ nutrients back to the soil.  Ultimate recycling!

I’ve had one lonely bird feeder in the butterfly garden, bought strictly on its beauty and color dynamics.


I’ve only filled it a couple of times.  According to the Audubon Society, I’ve really placed it in the worst possible location EVER.

Too low – predators can reach it from the ground.

Too little sun – I guess birds appreciate the sunshine for warmth in winter.

Too close to the dog run – Willis would scare the birds away.

So I’ve moved it to a sunnier, higher, out of the dog’s path location, a lower branch of the crabapple tree.  The robins have been feasting on the crabapples and I’m hoping to attract other birds to the yard with this feeder.


I’m also hoping to get better at capturing photos of the birds.

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