Let’s Try Composting . . . again

I really want to be successful at composting – I really do.  I’ve tried a few times, and lost interest once it became too much work or had to be thought about too often.  In my latest attempt, the ingredients turned into a great attraction for fruit flies, which caused me to send the “kitchen scraps” ceramic container to the deck.  Where I promptly forgot about it.  And where it eventually cracked – ceramic does not do well in the winter around here.

With my current attempt, I’m thinking through the details before I step one foot into that, well, wasteland.

There’s a Recipe for Compost.  A pretty easy way to remember it is by color.

photo (4)

Right now, I have an abundance of leaves that I’ve raked up from the yard and shredded with the lawnmower.  I also can prepare some newspaper by shredding it with the office shredder.  So there’s my brown stuff.  I will keep my extra brown in a covered pile beside the composter.

The green materials seem to be easier to come by – kitchen scraps will be saved and stored in this handy-dandy trash can

photo (3)

I picked up at Wal-Mart.  I have biodegradable plastic liners from a former composting attempt.  I read somewhere that you can freeze these scraps so they are available when you need them.  That’s a great idea.

Because all these scraps take lots of time to become compost.  Lots of time.  So while I’m waiting for the compost ingredients to become compost, I can save these extra ingredients for the next batch in the freezer and in the pile next to the composter.

I have a composter that tumbles.  It’s very easy to turn, and makes compost in as little as 4 weeks.  So I’m told.


I have added layers of ingredients – 2 inches of green + 6 inches of brown then sprinkle with some water – to the composter .  You aren’t suppose to fill it up, so I made 3 layers.

Now I need to turn the composter once a week.  So I will add a reminder to my iPhone to remind me to turn the composter.  Turn it Tuesdays!

I have yet to make a successful batch of compost, but I’m hopeful that my renewed plan should have me turning out compost all winter.

I’ll keep you posted.


5 thoughts on “Let’s Try Composting . . . again”

  1. Making compost is really worth while. I don’t know how well the composter you have works; I find the most important thing is to keep the compost moint but not soaking wet. Winter is always slower than summer and you really need 3 composters; one for storing compost that’s ready, one that’s ‘cooking’ and one you’re filling. Freezing the kitchen waste really doesn’t sound a very environmently sensible thing to do – all tht energy used on waste. Unless of course your freezer is always running empty then it will use less energy if its full.


    1. Good point on freezing waste! Never even thought of that angle – yes, our extra freezer is usually holding very little. I like the 3 composter idea – just wish the composters looked better in the yard! I may have to design some sort of attractive screen to hide them. Thanks for your thoughts!


  2. You are welcome! I have always struggled with coming up with enough brown – shredded newspaper will have to be the majority. Our bunny died a few months ago – she was good at producing lots of brown for me! Thanks for stopping by!



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