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The Smell of the Rain

On my way into the office this morning, I heard one of the students complaining about the rain.


Rain is good – and today it sure beats the snow!  It was so gorgeous yesterday – at one point in the day my weather app informed me it was 80F!!  And that is just fine!


The smell of the rain this morning took me back a few years to the days we walked to school.  Who could spot the longest worm!  Up Livingston Road, across the highway, along the path that skirted the Lebanon Jr. High practice field, back down across the same highway, through the back drive to the elementary school.  There were two crossing guards that kept us safe on that trek.  Crossing Guard Ernie always had a stick of gum for each of us on Friday.

I wonder how far it really was.  I’ve always thought it was at least a mile.  And that’s how we stayed in shape in those days.  We walked to school.

Imagine that.

I would like to take a trip back to Livingston Road and walk the walk to school one more time.  And measure the walk.

My kids can’t believe it was that far – but it was only uphill one way!



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