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Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

What I thought would be an easy post turned into waaayyy more reminiscing than I bargained for!  So, thanks for that, WP!!

Of course, any garden blogger’s first thoughts of Spring are colorful flowers.  I knew I had some pictures of the kids helping me plant some color down at my Grandma’s house.  I had forgotten that the pictures I was looking for were now part of a scrapping project that has been an on-again-off-again event, like so many of the projects I have started.  But what I hadn’t expected was the trip down memory lane.

This scrapbook page was one of my first, and I’m very proud of it.

to grandmother’s house we go . . . . May 2003

I really like using actual developed pictures, although I understand there’s a whole other world of digital scrapping out there.  I haven’t tried it yet, but considering the fact that most of my pictures never see the outside of my computer screen, I should probably take it up.

Every spring, for the last 5 years of her life, Grandma had a visit from me and the kids on her birthday – May 29.  It was the perfect time to pick up a flat of flowers and decorate the two planters on her porch, then line the walkway with (low maintenance) marigolds.  She wasn’t much of a gardener, but she loved flowers.  All the neighbors would tell her how lovely it all looked.

That would prompt a proper thank you card and letter from Grandma.  Isn’t it really a shame how, not unlike the printed photograph, the days of actually writing a note and placing it in an envelope with postage has pretty much fallen by the wayside.


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6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring”

  1. IT is lovely to see your scrapbook and read about your memories. I too came across some letters I have kept from family members who are now gone – it made them feel alive again to see their handwriting and read their words.


    1. Thanks, Julie, I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Back when I was actively scrapping, I was told to always include handwritten notes on the pages for that very reason – the reader will be able to “hear” my voice through the handwriting. It’s not as clean as a typewritten message, but so much more personal.


  2. Gorgeous scrapbook layout! I would be proud of that too 🙂 Taking photos and developing them or using the old photos so many of us have in shoe boxes and pairing with pretty papers and telling our stories… I just love it! I’m part of a month long scrapbooking challenge right now where we scrapbook everyday for the month. Part of the class is receiving daily prompts and inspiration samples. It’s a nice way to document stories we wouldn’t necessarily remember to tell on our own 🙂 Hope you find your way back to the hobby!


    1. I agree, Connie, there’s nothing like actual hold-em-in-your-hand pictures to tell your story! And I love all the papers and decorations that go along with scrapping – I do miss it! I’ve been to a couple of day-long scrapping events – love sharing great ideas from with others that attend. Thanks for stopping by, and for your kind words!


  3. I too love doing the planters in Spring, all fresh and perky. Still a bit early here, mine are just filled with potting soil waiting. I never did a scrapbook, but wish I made one. Memory never is the same without one. Stories told in pictures.



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