Blooming Months

Bloom Day – May 15, 2014

It’s a very rare month that I’m actually posting my entry in the Garden Bloggers Bloomday blog on the 15th, but here it is.

Blog-May14May looks very white in the yard – the first iris to bloom is white, the azaleas (you can see them behind the chair) are white, the crabapple, which bloomed 2 weeks ago, was white!  There is some blue arriving as well, the bachelor’s button, the lungwort, and the pansies are a nice blue this year.

Many hostas are already up and spreading!  For as long as spring took to get here, she is quite suddenly in full bloom!

My columbine seems to appear overnight, and I completely forgot to spread the seeds I gathered from Tracy’s yard – she has a lovely pink columbine.  I will spread the seeds now, and hope I’m not too late to enjoy these lovelies!

Please head over to Carol’s May Dreams Gardens for more blooms from around the world today!


10 thoughts on “Bloom Day – May 15, 2014”

  1. Hey, nothing wrong with white in the garden. I’m with you – rare to be posting on (15th) bloom day because I usually don’t remember. But, I did remember this day and dashed outdoors before breakfast with my camera as the sun rose. Neighbors probably thought I was nuts.
    Thanks for stopping by!


    1. I’m trying to determine if winter was especially long or just especially cold. I know that last year I was trying to buy my annuals from local growers around Memorial Day, but everything was gone by then. The impatient gardeners had lost the first crop to frost and had already purchased their second rounds!


  2. Such a cute blog, I love Pittsburg, such a nice clean city to visit. Family-oriented. Love your flower photos, I’m mostly a veggie gardener. So busy chasing around small kids that I focus just on the veggies. So I live vicariously through other gardeners flower photos =)


    1. Thanks for stopping by! Just popped over to your blog – love your raised beds! Nice job, hubby! I tried vegetable gardening a few years back – the deer really enjoyed it. I’m sticking with flowers, although the deer really like some of them too.



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