Garden Inspired Afghan

I made this afghan for my grandmother, probably 25 years ago.

Grandma’s afghan

I know it had to be that long ago, because my son is 23 and I haven’t picked up a crochet hook since he was born!  This creative outlet of mine has been in the bottle now far too long!

My grandma loved needlework, especially embroidery and knitting.  She taught me to knit, but I always preferred crochet.  She stopped working with the needles when her eyes started failing her – and I have to admit that I can understand her frustration.  The only thing I absolutely hate about growing older is the eyesight challenges.

I hope I can always find a way to see my way!


4 thoughts on “Garden Inspired Afghan”

    1. I have to credit my mom, who “rescued” it from the estate sale when grandma died. Mom knew I’d want to keep it along with a few other items that remind me of happy times with Grandma.


  1. Hi Elizabeth, what a beautiful afghan! I love it! How wonderful for your mom to have saved it from the sale and that it is getting a second life with you. I really enjoy crocheting, but lack time (or organization???)! Those flowers are really popular these days – you were way ahead of your time! Maybe you’ll start it up again? 🙂 Dana



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