In a Vase on Monday – Mother’s Day Harvesting

My kids bought me a “bag of garden” for Mother’s Day this year – I was so pleased!

photo (9)


The lovely cut bouquet was accompanied by “Hayley Jane” dahlia bulbs and “Summer Dreams” cosmos seeds.

I promptly planted all along a new border I created next to the fence.  Thank goodness I chose a “proppable” location, because those cosmos are now challenging the dahlias in a height contest.  Perhaps they aren’t getting enough sun, but those dahlias are at least 7 ft. tall, and the cosmos are in a close second at at least 6 ft.

I know this to be fact because when I went out to cut the dahlias for this arrangement, I had to reach far above my head and bend the plant over so I could cut them.  Crazy tall plants!

I just went out to the shed where I kept the packaging for these plants, to see if I missed some important details whilst I planted – but sure enough, the dahlias were supposed to be 36-48″ tall and the cosmos were supposed to be 36″.  Three to four feet and I’d be looking down on these blooms.

I didn’t have much hesitation in cutting a few for this installment of “In a Vase on Monday”, as these plants are all catty wompus and leggy, so capturing the beauty of the flowers was better in a vase.  There is only one cosmos bloom at this time, so I lay it gently in front for this shot and then promptly placed it in a tiny bud vase to be enjoyed in a less overwhelming display.



I’m very new at this arranging thing, so please pardon my simplicity.  I originally tried to include a number of “reblooming” iris,  daylilies, daisies, and clematis in this arrangement, and really wanted to feature 3 of these dahlias, but the more dahlias I added, the more I liked the  solo and simple arrangement!

Hopefully, next week the cosmos will be in full bloom and I can feature that portion of my Mother’s Day gift!

Many thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for hosting the meme, In a Vase on Monday.  She encourages us to bring a little of the garden inside each week to enjoy!  Please check out the other entries in this week’s “In a Vase on Monday”.



19 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – Mother’s Day Harvesting”

  1. I like vases with just one kind of flower, I think it makes a great impact and shows off the beauty of the flowers. My Dahlia would be six foot tall if it had been staked better! and my cosmos are easily eight foot, warmth and water makes everything tall!


    1. It was a lucky decision to plant those dahlias close to the fence for support! The cosmos seemed very late in blooming – I was starting to wonder if I should have cut them back to encourage more blooms on shorter stems. Seems like a lot of effort went into creating such tall stems!


  2. ‘catty wompus’ – that’s another new phrase! Whatever were they thinking about, growing to this size? What great Mothers Day presents they were and what a pretty vase the dahlias make. No need to apologise for the simplicity – we have learned from sharing out vases that simple is just as effective as anything less so. Sometimes the pleasure is in the very simplicity and ease of creating the vase – such a rewarding habit to get into, isn’t it?


  3. What a fantastic Mothers Day present – one you can enjoy for so many months. I think dahlias look best in a simple arrangement on their own – they can overwhelm other flowers. Fingers crossed for more cosmos next week!


  4. Your arrangement of dahlias seems perfect. How sweet of your family to select them for you. Funny about the height of your dahlias. I had planted one this year at the back of my border because it was supposed to grow 4-5 feet tall. Instead it was short and hidden all summer and I’ve finally cut back enough in front of it so I can see the blooms.


    1. Seems like dahlias can be very unpredictable. I tried a mixed bag along a walkway one year – what a mess! One had flowers that were the size of a dinner plate – wasn’t expecting THAT!!


  5. Hi Elizabeth, I popped over to see your vase and so enjoyed reading about your 7′ high dahlias. What a thoughtful Mothers’ Day gift too. And from one novice arranger to another your arrangement is charming.


    1. Thank you! I really didn’t have much choice, as the more I tried to arrange these blooms, the more petals I was losing. Had to work quick and to the point – but maybe that’s just my arranging style! Time will tell.


  6. I think you chose the perfect vase for your dahlias – looks very classy! The dahlias are very pretty – they look similar to ones I grew called “Nomi’s Star”.



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