In a Vase on Monday

In a Vase on Monday – Mother’s Day Harvesting, Part 2

As promised, here is a vase of cosmos straight from the border.

The kids really outdid themselves with their  Mother’s Day gift for me this year.  I hope they remember how excited I was when I received the flowers, seeds, and bulbs.

I’m equally as pleased with the results – some truly beautiful dahlias that I featured in last Monday’s Vase, and these spectacular Summer’s Dream cosmos.



Once again, my limited arranging experience shines through on the simplicity of this arrangement.  But I think Mother Nature hit it right when she set these airy leaves with these gorgeous flowers.  I could see no reason to add anything more.  The vase is a Lenox piece we received as a wedding present some 29 years ago.

I love the watercolor effect of the petals – something I would never have had the chance to appreciate at the plant’s current height of 7 feet!


Putting these specimens in a vase and photographing them really lets me appreciate the beauty up close.  While the photo session happened outside on the covered deck, I will be enjoying this arrangement in my kitchen while I pack lunches in the morning and make dinner in the afternoon.  Ahhhh.

Thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for encouraging us to bring those flowers indoors each week and share them.

11 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – Mother’s Day Harvesting, Part 2”

  1. And as you say, you can’t go wrong with the pretty shading and the feathery leaves – cosmos is a real star! That is why I love this meme, just plonking things in a vase and putting them somewhere where I can see them most of the time, just like you have found. Thanks for sharing, Elizabeth 🙂

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  2. Elizabeth, your vase is really beautiful, how lovely to place the results of your Mothers day gifts in a vase you were given as a wedding present. 7ft tall cosmos! My goodness that is tall. It is cheaper than a therapist!


  3. Your arrangement of the cosmos is lovely and perfect for your beautiful vase. You must be doing something right to get your cosmos to grow to 7′, sadly, mine perished before they had time to get more than a couple of inches this year.


    1. These cosmos were determined! My son doesn’t steer the lawnmower very carefully around the borders, and these guys were mowed down when they were very small. Maybe that’s the secret?


  4. I find myself saying the same thing on my comment: Simply Beautiful! I hope that doesn’t take away from the compliment. The flowers are just lovely, and again, having them on their own is perfect! I love the Lenox vase! (I will lament that most Lenox pieces these days aren’t made in America, like the originals were.) Thanks for sharing!


    1. I rushed home today to look at the bottom of that vase – indeed, it’s “Made in USA”. But then, it is 29 years old! Truly an original! Thanks for your kind words!



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