After much deliberation, I’ve decided to introduce a new blog to showcase my stitching and craft projects. One of the first things I learned about blogging was to stay focused and to remember the purpose of your blog. I tried so hard to blend the crafting articles into my garden blog, but eventually realized they each deserved their own audience. So, my crafting pieces will now appear in “stitch4therapy”. I hope my garden friends who enjoy the needlework crafts will enjoy following my stitching progress!


So, there are 3 projects left in the Craft Corner, vying for my attention in the next SAL.

Bears and Balloons – a cross stitch blanket I started for my son when he was a baby.  He’s now 23.  Not sure there’s a good reason for starting on this again, but Ryan tells me it’s all about finishing something.

The American Indian – a project I started back when I was in college.  Now, don’t think that was so long ago, as I took the 10 year plan to finish school.  Not that I’d recommend that to anyone.  Life takes us down different paths, and I was able to finally finish my studies in 1996, just a month before my second baby was born.

One of my favorite classes was the study of the Native Americans, and I thought I’d commemorate that class by decorating a living space in my…

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