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Chinese Evergreen

I was first introduced to the Chinese evergreen about 15 years ago when I first started having my hair styled by Deb.  She had an awesome workstation, indirect light that really focused on your hair.  But if you cared to look around her station, the overhead window really shed some terrific light on her “house”plants.  She had many African Violets, Christmas cactus, and an incredible Chinese evergreen.  He sat on the floor next to the magazine rack, in the indirect light of the overhead windows.

The Chinese evergreen (genus Aglaonema) fares well in low light conditions and produces lovely mottled leaves.  They are readily available at grocery stores, nurseries, and even by mail order.  Very easy to grow and maintain, just be careful not to over water.

chinese evergreen - before
Chinese evergreen – before

When my specimen started to look a bit “leggy”, as is quite common with this plant, I broke out the “Success with Houseplants” guide to read up on possible propagation.  I was thrilled to learn a couple of methods that work well with this plant.  I cut the leggy pieces off and cut a few stems for rooting.




I had purchased this decorative rooting vase at the Philadelphia Flower Show a few years back.

I plopped a couple of shoots into the water, and waited.  Within a month, those shoots were rooted and ready to fill the pot with luscious green.

Chinese evergreen – after

NASA has determined that these plants help clean the air indoors. So not only are they easy and carefree, Chinese evergreens also work hard when you have things to do.  Bonus!



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