A candid surprise

I woke up Saturday morning to a lovely blanket of snow, the wet snow that sticks to trees.  A snowman kinda snow.  There wasn’t much, but enough to cover the grass and settle so quietly in the branches.  As I ran out to get the paper, I noticed the birds chirping.  It’s pretty amazing how sound travels when the snow blankets the ground.

Wait . . . what?  Birds chirping?

I must take this opportunity to capture some of the birds with the snow in the trees.  I run back into the house and grab my camera.  Wrong lens.  Change lens.  Quick, run outside.  Battery dead.  Run back in for fresh battery.

Typical.  Can you tell I’m a newbie at this photography stuff?

The temperature was a bearable 35F, so I took a seat on the deck and waited for some bird activity.  A strange sound in the tall tree behind the house, so I focused the camera as best I could on the bird at the top of the tree.

I’m not very good with my new lens (yea, I’m famous for stating the obvious), and I’m sure it will take lots more practice to get there.  I tried to hold the camera very still, but with this lens I really needed to have the tripod. For as steady as I might think my hands are, they aren’t.

In the meantime, I was able to capture something amazing – to me.  I had no idea this kind of bird visited my back yard.

FF-woodpeckerHe’s a red-bellied woodpecker (thank you Google).  I really could not see the details from my deck – he was about 50 ft up in the tallest locust tree.  But the picture I took told a very different story.  A little zoom-in, and look at that!


4 thoughts on “A candid surprise”

  1. My favorite trick is taking the camera outside and leaving the memory card inside, still in the card reader.
    Taking pictures of birds is hard! Good job getting the shot of yours! We occasionally see a Pileated Woodpecker, but of course I never have the camera handy for him! Good luck and have fun as you learn the ins and outs of your new equipment.


    1. The best part of the shot was that I truly did not know what I had until I looked at the photo on the computer. I also learned I can take the memory card out of the camera and insert it directly into the computer for “processing”. Talk about feeling green!



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