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April Flowers – Finally!

I’ve been waiting so patiently for the flowers to arrive.  I’ve watched many other garden blogs sharing their blooms for months now, and I have been so envious.

Here in Pittsburgh, we’ve endured yet another harsh winter, and I keep telling myself that it all really helps us appreciate Spring – when it finally gets here!

April Flowers

Fun story about the violas this year.  I planted the Chair display with violas last year, and just let them bloom almost all summer.  I hadn’t realized that as they went to seed, the wind distributed and planted an entire garden of violas beside the Chair!

I’ve been busy transplanting these volunteers, and have 3 planters full already!  They were the first little plants to bloom, right through the snow!

I’ve discovered a new meme hosted by Judith over at Lavender Cottage – Mosaic Monday!   It’s a fun way to chronicle the garden here at G4T. There’s a few other gardens on display, among other interesting collages.  Be sure to check them out!

10 thoughts on “April Flowers – Finally!”

  1. It is definitely worth the wait when we are rewarded with beautiful spring blooms. So far I can only claim mini daffs, crocus and muscari but the others should appear in another couple of weeks.
    Thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday Elizabeth.


  2. Glad you joined Mosaic Monday Elizabeth. And I wish my violas and pansies went to seed. I hope to take the ones in the containers where I have them growing now, and move them to the beds to seed later in the year. Just love growing these flowers from seed.


    1. Now I remember where I discovered Mosaic Monday! I start clicking around and have a hard time retracing that trail! Thanks for the “referral”! I agree – it is very special to grow flowers from seed – when they grow and I remember to water them – haha!


  3. Oh wow, how nice to have the wonderful volunteer violas. Your flowers and images are beautiful! I am visiting from Judith’s Mosaic Monday.. Have a happy week!



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