Thunder and Lightning

So much rain these past few weeks.  Seems like it’s done nothing but rain since we came back from our beach vacation.  I haven’t had any time in the sun to maintain that tropical tan!  Though sun worshiping isn’t the wisest thing to do these days, I have to admit that I do feel so much better with a little sun on my face.

I’m not sure exactly when I stopped being terrified of thunder and lightning.  I have some pretty vivid memories of hiding from thunder storms as a child.  I’d pull the blankets up over my head, hide my head under the pillow.  And it was sweltering hot in my room to begin with.  I always assumed my sister was just as frightened, as we shared a room and shared those terrifying nights.

I remember one storm that occurred while my grandmother was visiting.  We were huddled in the game room, on the couch, talking about things grandmas talk about.  Thinking back on that afternoon, I would venture a guess that we were in the throws of a tornado warning.  I can only remember being told to get to the basement when the conditions were ripe for a tornado.

I wasn’t alone in my fear of those storms.  There was a little boy, I think we called him Jimmy Joe, who could not be comforted during one storm while Miss M, the kindergarten teacher, tried to distract us with a singing circle.  She had to call Jimmy Joe’s father to the school.  And his dad came to the rescue that day.

I smile when I think of our dog, Willis, in a thunderstorm.  I have heard plenty of stories of where dogs go to hide during storms.  Linda’s dog, Pal, used to hide in the clothes dryer, a remarkable feat for a full-grown collie.  Pal would find his way into the dryer on the 4th of July as well.  He did not like the loud booms of the firecrackers and fireworks.

Our bunny, Puffer, never liked storms, but Willis could not care less about them.  Good ol’ Willis.  He doesn’t like to go outside when it’s raining, doesn’t like getting wet.  Doesn’t give a hoot about thunder.

Lightning over Pittsburgh
Photo Credit: Photography by Jon Holiday

And how do you like this for irony?  My phone just swooshed with the latest Severe Thunderstorm Watch from the national weather service.  Guess we are going to get some more rain.

1 thought on “Thunder and Lightning”

  1. We have also had a rather wet summer here, unfortunately! Thankfully we get very little thunder and lightening in Ireland, though. Hopefully we’ll get a bit more summer like weather soon! 🙂



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