Lazy Lights

My neighbor always shares such interesting news with me.

Have you heard the news about those lazer lights you have shining there on your house?

I always think he’s about to compliment my latest decoration, but no, and woe, he is about to cut them down to size.

They are blinding pilots.

Really?  I try to laugh off the news.  But of course, I had to go search the internet for stories about pilots being blinded by my lights.  I did find one story out of Los Angeles, but it mostly reminded the owners of these star shower lights to be careful where you aim them.

My son rates the neighborhood attempts at decorating for Christmas.  It takes an extra special amount of effort to rate with him.  I got a C+ on my yard this year.  I try, I really try.

Wreaths on all the windows, gold trim on the wreaths to match the gold bows on the evergreens and lamp post.  Green lights enhance the evergreens, lighted packages decorate the spot in front of the tree.  And of course, my “lazy lights” as Sean loves to call them.

I believe the lazy lights are where I went wrong.  He expects some effort in trimming the entire house in lights.  Oh well.

This is my brother’s old sled.  I found this exciting pair of antique ice skates while browsing through a local “repurpose” shop, and decorated them all up for my display.


My brother and I used to ride down the backyard hill in the snow on sleds like this.  We had a great hill that leveled off before it went further down, sort of a double dip hill.  We would gather with the neighborhood kids on that hill – until the day that he and I rode down together.

I was on the back of a plastic toboggan, he was “driving”.  Right into the telephone pole at the bottom.  He yelled “ROLL”, which he did.

I did not hear him.

Christmas Memories – some of them good.  Some not so much.

Here’s hoping your home is filled with good ones this year.



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