This is the moment!

This is it!  The moment we had dreamed about all winter, the time of year I convince myself that all that winter is worth it!

The flower show in full swing, and it’s time to focus on the moment!


I took a spin around the yard a few weekends ago, as I realized I have not updated the Daylily Collection Page in quite a while.  I now have 28 varieties!  That is really not a lot, considering the thousands of varieties that exist.  But it’s quite a lot for my small yard!  They all take their turns.

So in my Zone 6A garden, the daylily show lasts from mid-June and is still going strong here in late-July.  A few are “second time around” bloomers. I noticed the Stella d’Oros are reblooming, as are the Happy Returns.


They are usually among the first to bloom.

On one of our nightly walks with Willis, I noticed a really striking bright orange one in the neighbor’s garden.  I was trying to decide how I would gather a few seed pods to start one of my own.  The next day, I was clearing the weeds from the sideways driveway, and I could not believe it.


I actually have the very flower I was coveting!  I really don’t remember planting that one.

Each year, it seems I choose a new favorite.  This year, this purple one strikes me – it’s so unlike any others that I have.



6 thoughts on “This is the moment!”

  1. 28 varieties?! WOW! The ones in your pictures today are marvelous. I don’t see them as much here in Ireland as I did in Central New York when we lived there. It was lovely to see some of your varieties! 🙂


    1. It sounds crazy, but it really doesn’t seem like a lot! They sort of take turns blooming,which makes for a nice long blooming season. I have them all around the house and mostly only one plant each. But I was also surprised!!


  2. They are gorgeous! I don’t know your zone, but in mine, 8, isn’t it time to divide daylilies? Mine finished their bloom a long timea gao, and I think it’s time they were divided for the first time.
    I did a sample dig, and it seemed quite easy. Maybe that means they don’t need it yet?



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