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Every once in a while, a word takes on a literal meaning.

I’ve been trying this new “diet thing” called Intermittent Fasting. It’s really not as hard as it sounds. Fasting sounds hard. The trick to Intermittent Fasting is to eat for only 8 hours a day. So if you start eating at 11 AM, as I do, you have to stop eating at 7 PM.

Another trick is to go to bed earlier, so you don’t think about the fact that you aren’t snacking all evening.

As it gets closer to 11 AM each day, I start thinking about what I will eat when the clock strikes. Today, it will be my greek yogurt. My cherry greek yogurt will break my fast today. Breakfast.

Oh, and one final trick to this Intermittent Fasting is to forget everything you were ever taught about Breakfast. It’s NOT the most important meal of the day. In fact, if you do skip out on breakfast, you will be surprised at how not hungry you actually are come lunch time.

I do love breakfast foods, though, don’t get me wrong. And having breakfast for dinner is a real treat. Ask my kids!

And, yes, to answer the question I know you are asking right now, this Intermittent Fasting is working! I’m down 10 lbs since I started about 4 weeks ago. Not bad!

So, my new breakfast is actually an action. What food will break my fast tomorrow?


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