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Ergonomic Crochet Hooks

Day 5 – A-to-Z Challenge – A few of my favorite things

I know, exciting stuff, right? But there’s a story behind it, really.

My grandma Alice (yes, another Alice in my life) taught me how to knit. I think I was 7 years old. My sister and I would get a week away every summer at grandma’s house. We did fun things with her. Puzzles, paint-by-numbers, embroidery, home-made ice cream and that year, she taught me how to knit.

How sad, the year we went to visit and I realized grandma was not working on any needlework projects. Her hands hurt and her eyes were no longer able to see the closeup range needed for such work. She had given it all up.

That was the moment I determined never to let my aging parts get in the way of my enjoyment. Easy for a teenager to say. Half a lifetime later, I understand grandma’s frustration.

I have to admit, the most frustrating part of aging is waning eyesight. I have been basically legally blind for most of my life, but was always able to see close up. Those days are gone. And now that the kids are grown, I have time to get back to the crafting that I have so missed along the years.

I’ve gotten back to crochet, and am finding wonderfully fun patterns to try (thanks Mr. Google). And I’ve also discovered these wonderful ergonomic crochet hooks, which help eliminate the cramping I’ve been experiencing while gripping my crochet hook.

So yes, indeed, ergonomic crochet hooks are one of my favorite things!

7 thoughts on “Ergonomic Crochet Hooks”

  1. I like to crochet. Haven’t in a while, but I like to. I never could get the hang of knitting though. I was used to one hook and working with two just didn’t work out for me! I remember the first thing I crocheted, a blanket to bring my firstborn home in. It was nothing near to even edged! I think I still have it.



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