About me

I’ve been working in my gardens for most of my life, and have always dreamed of making a living out of playing in the dirt.

Maybe someday.

For now, I enjoy working the yard, creating gardens that are inch by inch eliminating the grass!  My mom thinks that is my ultimate goal, and she may be right!  The mostly cloud-covered days of Irwin, PA (Hardiness Zone 5a), located about 25 miles east of Pittsburgh, presents its challenges, but much of the year can be spent comfortably working outside.  The few months of snow coverage offer a break from the outdoors and provides the opportunity to test my skills at indoor gardening!

I tend to think of my yard as my therapist, and each session there brings me closer to my self.  Pulling weeds – the ultimate!

It strikes me that not everyone enjoys working in the yard. My dad instilled that love in me, and my favorite childhood memories with him revolve around seeds, planting, weeding, and harvests.

It’s so exciting when I do find a kindred spirit who shares that love.  Thanks for stopping by!


8 thoughts on “About me”

  1. saw your comment on the wife of the husband whose burger post was freshly-pressed, if that makes any sense. looks like you have a new blog going here. and a beautiful one at that! do keep it up/ i am sure you will find it very rewarding.
    no pressure at all – however if you are looking for a bit more traffic to your blog, you could consider participating in WordPress’ weekly photo challenge – which is not intended just for photo blogs. i am sure you would be able to do so with your gardener’s theme. you can check it out every Friday (sometimes its late) at dailypost.wordpress.com. Full details provided by WordPress at that site.
    just a thought. but as i mentioned – no pressure. Happy Blogging!


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words – took a look at your blog and take them as an EXTREME compliment! I will def take a gander at the weekly photo challenge – thanks for the tip!


  2. Weeding is certainly good therapy – and thinking time I also find! I think your blog is great and I’m looking forward to learning more about the gardens, especially the pond garden 🙂


    1. So truly love when I am forced to learn new things by asking Mr. Google – what is couch grass! It looks like it might be similar to what I call crab grass, where the roots just go on and on! and it is so satisfying when you get a really long one out of the way! We have something new (well, new to my yard) called sedge grass. It is so easy to pull, those darned roots fool you into thinking you got the whole plant – wrong!



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