After much deliberation, I’ve decided to introduce a new blog to showcase my stitching and craft projects. One of the first things I learned about blogging was to stay focused and to remember the purpose of your blog. I tried so hard to blend the crafting articles into my garden blog, but eventually realized they each deserved their own audience. So, my crafting pieces will now appear in “stitch4therapy”. I hope my garden friends who enjoy the needlework crafts will enjoy following my stitching progress!


So, there are 3 projects left in the Craft Corner, vying for my attention in the next SAL.

Bears and Balloons – a cross stitch blanket I started for my son when he was a baby.  He’s now 23.  Not sure there’s a good reason for starting on this again, but Ryan tells me it’s all about finishing something.

The American Indian – a project I started back when I was in college.  Now, don’t think that was so long ago, as I took the 10 year plan to finish school.  Not that I’d recommend that to anyone.  Life takes us down different paths, and I was able to finally finish my studies in 1996, just a month before my second baby was born.

One of my favorite classes was the study of the Native Americans, and I thought I’d commemorate that class by decorating a living space in my…

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Garden Inspired Afghan

I made this afghan for my grandmother, probably 25 years ago.

Grandma’s afghan

I know it had to be that long ago, because my son is 23 and I haven’t picked up a crochet hook since he was born!  This creative outlet of mine has been in the bottle now far too long!

My grandma loved needlework, especially embroidery and knitting.  She taught me to knit, but I always preferred crochet.  She stopped working with the needles when her eyes started failing her – and I have to admit that I can understand her frustration.  The only thing I absolutely hate about growing older is the eyesight challenges.

I hope I can always find a way to see my way!