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A beautiful surprise

I walked outside to get the paper yesterday, and on my way back to the house, I glanced over at my newest garden.  I planted it last summer, moving a few of the plants from other locations in the yard where they really weren’t happy, and making a new playground for them.  Making these moves in the late summer can be a tricky thing.

There was something white waving to me as I approached the house.  Was it a tossed paper that made its way to my yard?  Closer inspection revealed a new flower!  Three tiny irises were out and showing off!  I swear I was expecting yellow irises.  I thought I remembered transplanting some yellow ones that didn’t care for the shady location I had them in.  But these were beautiful white with a bit of yellow inside.  I have no idea where they came from, but I know I transplanted them last fall.  Apparently, they were so unhappy wherever they were that I don’t think they ever bloomed.

Then again, they may have been in a location of the yard that I don’t see that often, and if they did bloom, I missed them.  But I didn’t miss them this year.

When I create a new garden, I do try to keep a garden log of what I’ve done.  And I know I made a map of what I planted – just where did I put it?  The element of surprise is one of my favorite parts of spring!

Surprises to you!

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The seeds are starting!!

My little seeds have graduated!  It only took a week on top of my fridge for the 2 small flats of flowers to germinate.  I’m pretty good at forgetting to check on them, but they didn’t get too leggy this year.  I moved them into the garden window where they will get some good morning light.  I have a small greenhouse in the garage, but really need to rig some grow lights and heating pads in order to use it.

I started impatiens, forget-me-nots, marigolds, morning glory, hollyhocks, and zinnias.  Marigolds and zinnias will grace the front yard, where we get heavy hot afternoon sun.  They seem to be the only variety that can withstand such conditions, and the bunnies don’t seem to like them so much.  The impatiens will bring all the smaller gardens together as they will provide a similar theme in all beds.  Hollyhocks are a new experiment this year – I’m going to plant a sun garden along the driveway and they will add the necessary height at the top of the garden.

I really like these starter kits.  They come with pellets that expand when watered, then you sow the seeds and cover with the clear plastic lid that is included.  Once the seeds start, you remove the lid and place it under the kit for safekeeping.  The only problem I’ve ever had with these kits is removing the plants once they outgrow the kit.  It’s a delicate operation, but patience is always the name of the game when dealing with young plants with tender roots.  It’s easy to pull the plant out without its roots.  I take a small baby spoon and dig them out.  Delicately.

Their next home will be individual paper cups, and in a few weeks, they will be ready for the great outdoors!

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Happy Spring!

I simply cannot believe the outstanding weather we have been experiencing since Phil saw his shadow.  I wonder if that prognosticator has a clue?  The past 2 weeks have brought record setting temps to the ‘burgh, which made the first day of Spring rather anti-climatic.  Not that I’m complaining, but as my favorite day of the year approached, I did not find myself in my usual state of countdown.  In fact, my DD sort of sprung the news on me one day last week.  I had to look at the calendar to make sure she was correct . . . and of course, she was!

You should see the beautiful blooming trees – a ride to the office has turned into such a breathtaking view.  Flowering trees line the streets of Homestead; these same trees line the parking lot at Kennywood.  Weeping Cherry trees are in full bloom all over my neighborhood.  My crabapple is going to be fantastic this year.  And I hope I didn’t trim the buds from my white azaleas…
The daffodils and crocus are up, I’m waiting patiently for tulips.  I spotted 3 bunnies in the yard last night, and for some reason, they enjoy those tulips.  Time to find the chicken wire cages to protect them.  I usually have lilacs around Mother’s Day, but I doubt they are still around for May.  At this rate, I wonder exactly what flowers will be blooming come May.