Black Bean Soup

My dad loved to make soup.  Seemed like every weekend he would start chopping vegetables, soaking beans, and making stock for one of his famous and delicious creations.  He made fantastic beef barley, unbelievable chicken noodle, and he taught my mom how to make out-of-this-world chili.

One of my absolute least favorite soups that he made, and one of his absolute favorites, was bean soup.  He made it with ham stock and lima beans.  I’m not sure if my tastes ever matured enough to stomach it, as I was never able to consider eating it as an adult.

Who would ever believe that one of my favorite soups as a newbie vegetarian would be black bean soup.  I love my weekly visits to Panera Bread with Brittany, and enjoy their Black Bean Soup with a Classic Salad.  So one of my latest attempts at creating a “let’s eat out” experience at home is this Black Bean Soup recipe.


Converting recipes into vegetarian-friendly dishes is one of the challenges I’m learning to embrace.  I’ve substituted vegetable broth for the beef broth, and simply eliminated the chopped ham in the original recipe.

With garlic from the garden and home grown roma tomatoes if the recipe is made in season, this recipe passes as one I can post here on G4T.  My promise to myself that this new category will remain true to the theme of gardening – using home grown ingredients with delicious and beautiful results.

And it gets a thumbs up from Sean!