Shade Garden


The Shade Garden is situated around and below the crabapple tree.  It was one of my original attempts at a localized garden in the yard.  The crabapple tree itself has expanded outward – I rather like the umbrella affect.  Only recently have I tried to prune it into a more shapely form – pruning it well will take a few years as you never want to prune more than 1/3 of a tree during any one season. Otherwise, it can be a rather shocking experience for the tree!

Here is a look at the garden from my driveway.

Crabapple Shade Garden

A closer look reveals hostas – many hostas.


Astilbe does very well in shade, as do ferns.



The Bachelor Button seems to stretch toward the light at the edge, and I’m thinking of finding a sunnier home for him.

The annuals are typically impatiens, although in the past few years, some sort of blight has attacked them.  I really need to find another shade loving annual to add color there.


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