The Stained Glass Bird Feeder

Spent part of the day raking leaves, making some natural mulch for the flower beds.  I rake them up and then run them over with the lawnmower.  Spread and water.  I hear it’s nature’s best mulch, returning 87% of the trees’ nutrients back to the soil.  Ultimate recycling!

I’ve had one lonely bird feeder in the butterfly garden, bought strictly on its beauty and color dynamics.


I’ve only filled it a couple of times.  According to the Audubon Society, I’ve really placed it in the worst possible location EVER.

Too low – predators can reach it from the ground.

Too little sun – I guess birds appreciate the sunshine for warmth in winter.

Too close to the dog run – Willis would scare the birds away.

So I’ve moved it to a sunnier, higher, out of the dog’s path location, a lower branch of the crabapple tree.  The robins have been feasting on the crabapples and I’m hoping to attract other birds to the yard with this feeder.


I’m also hoping to get better at capturing photos of the birds.

deck garden

Sad day on Wisteria Lane

On my way to the car this morning, I strolled past the robin’s nest in my wisteria that now holds 4 eggs!!

At least it held 4 eggs yesterday.

Last night while lying in bed, I thought of the nest.  Thought I should take a picture of the 4 eggs, just in case they hatched soon and I would miss my chance to record them as eggs.  But it was late, too dark for good pictures, it will wait for tomorrow.

And  now the eggs are gone.  The nest was EMPTY when I went out this morning.  I am so sad about this.  I was looking forward to watching the birds hatch and grow.  But I guess my railing was just too exposed, and those bright blue eggs must have been a tasty treat for some unknown predator.  I have no idea what creature would have done this, but our neighborhood has its fair share of large black crows that I’m very suspicious of.  There was no evidence of what visited the bird family, no pawprints on the steps, not even a speck of shell left behind.  Just the nest.

I glanced over at the fence and spotted momma.  She was just watching me look at the nest.  Not sure if birds have emotions, but I imagine she’s pretty sad too.