Are New Year’s Holiday Cards a Thing?

Seems like no matter when I get started on the holiday prep, I’m never quite ready when they do roll around.  wp-1482939507460.jpgThe purchase of a new Christmas tree this year gave me a jump start.

My family was so impressed when the tree was up the day after Thanksgiving.  That truly NEVER happens in this house.  We are lucky to be decorating the tree sometime before Christmas Eve, and in fact, two years ago, the tree never did see an ornament.  Pretty sad tree that year.


This year, I tried to make an online joke of it.

But the fact of the matter is, I’m a procrastinator through and through.  Not sure how to correct this character flaw.  It has been part of my psyche for 50+ many years.  May take 50 many more to reverse!

That’s why I’m wondering if New Year’s greeting cards are an actual thing (and yes, of course they are!!)

The Christmas cards?  Never did make it out the door this year.  Truth be told, they never even made their way out of the box they came in.  Felt sort of Grinch-like, as each card arrived in the mail from all the usual suspects.  I didn’t stop Christmas cards from coming, they came all the same!

Decorating the house for the holidays?  Thank goodness for lazy lights!

Christmas cookies?  Let’s start a new tradition and make them during the week between Christmas and New Year. (Yea, how’s that new tradition going?)

We have the perfect surname (Auld) for the excuse that can be a New Year’s celebration.  So I’m gonna do it this year.  This will be the year of the New Year’s cards.

Should auld acquaintance be forgot, for auld lang syne.




SAL Progress – It’s Happy Dance #1!

A few weeks back I joined a group of bloggers who like to get things done – things meaning stitching projects!

We all have those projects that we start and have never quite finished – whether it’s life or yet another project that caught our attention.  I’m taking this opportunity to finish some of mine, and posting my progress puts just the right amount of exposure (read pressure!) on me to finally get things moving on them again.

My first entry was started about 14 years ago and was originally intended to be matching Christmas jerseys for my daughter and me.  I completed about half of mine when Christmas arrived (unexpectedly :/), and the jersey went into a bag.

Of the few unfinished projects I recently discovered in the Craft Corner, the Christmas Sparkler seemed the most timely.  It was the project that I was closest to finishing.

I’ve been working on it in the evenings before I turn in, one or two rows a night, and just look!  I’ve actually finished it, and it’s not even Christmas yet!

Christmas Sparkler
Daughter can now share the Mother version!

Brittany can now share it with me!  I’m not even going to start a second jersey, as I know that mother/daughter dress-a-like opportunity boat has sailed.  But there are occasions where she might need a festive top to wear to school, and I’ll be sporting it at the family Christmas party this year!

I’m so excited to join these ladies from around the globe in our Stitch-A-Long.  Be sure to see what Avis (England), Claire (France), Gun (Sweden), Kate (Australia), Carole (England), Eleanor (England), Alison (England), Wendy (England) and Jule (Germany) are up to these days.