Mum is the word

One of the first signs of fall is the arrival of chrysanthemums in the offerings of the local stores.  I’m sure that pumpkin spice coffee is out there as well.  I bought a few small mums last weekend at Home Depot – only $0.88 each – how can you go wrong?

There were 4 purple and 4 yellow plants that will add some much-needed color to the yard.

purple mums
purple mums

I have truly neglected the border gardens in the back yard this year.  The cool summer didn’t lend itself to much time by the pool, and the garden areas around it suffered as a result.

rusty mums
oops – rusty mums

A few days ago, I weeded an overgrown patch and planted the yellow ones.  The buds weren’t fully opened when I bought them, and oops, one was rusty gold.  Guess I should have looked more carefully at the tags – they probably would have identified the color.

clematis seed heads

The purple plants compliment the greenery that remains around the lamppost.  The black-eyed Susan and coreopsis are still blooming strong.  The purple clematis has been long-gone, so the purple mums really look nice there.  I like to leave the clematis vine long after the blooms are spent, as the seed heads are so different and beautiful on their own.

lambs ear
lambs ear

I took the opportunity to separate a clump of lambs ear that I got from AnnMarie last year.  I also dug out a clump of shasta daisies that I’d promised to take in to the office for Sophie.  One of my favorite parts of gardening is sharing and trading specimens.  I love tending to all the plants and remembering the friends who have graced my yard with their favorite plants.

Blooming Months

Bloom Day – June 15, 2012

Here is my entry in Bloom Day for June 2012.

The clematis has filled in very nicely; I have one on the mailbox and one climbing the lamp post.

Hydrangea takes its color based on the soil conditions.  This year, a pink bloom presented right next to a blue one!  I guess my soil is mixed up this year!

My daylilies have only started – Stella d’Oro is always first, followed by Happily Days.  I love the peachy ones – I’m working on the names of all of them.

The most fascinating bloom is the Evening Primrose – we watch it bloom at dusk.  It’s easily my favorite – because the whole family gets involved in a nightly contest of guessing how many blooms we will have.

Happy Bloom Day!