Can you name that plant?

Many of the plants in my yard are compliments of a gardening friend who used to live across the street.  I was so fortunate  to live across from her yard, it was always gorgeous.  And when she thinned her flower beds, which she did regularly, she would bring over the toss offs for me to plant.  At least once a week, I would come home to a surprise bucket of plants.  Alice was very good at teaching me the names of many plants and I thank her for much of my knowledge of plants.

Angel Wing Begonia
Angel Wing Begonia

This specimen came from Alice, but it was a surprise that must have been included with some other plant.  It appeared a few summers ago, and I have been searching online for it.  I finally found it tonight by googling images of “pink droopy flower”.  It’s called an Angel Wing Begonia.

There should be an app that helps identify plants.  I’ve seen a few after a quick search on my iPhone – Leafsnap, Google Goggles, NatureGate.  None of these apps has good reviews.  I’d love an app that I can input a picture and it identifies the plant.  Even one that you can input characteristics of a plant and it narrows your search would be helpful.

Do you know a good iPhone app for identifying plants?