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Groundhog Day 2012

Punxatawny Phil has seen his shadow – which means we will have 6 more weeks of winter.  But how bad is that this year?  I’ve really enjoyed the mild temps and lack of snow – I wish winter was this mild in Pittsburgh every year!

However, these mild temps will surely lead to a rather buggy spring.  I’m not sure where they hide or where they live, but when the thermometer hit 60 on Monday, we found 6 stinkbugs in my daughter’s room.  Just makes me wonder what this spring will bring – no doubt we will be hearing news of mosquitos and West NileVirus.  And I hear the bat population has taken a hit.  They eat thousands of bugs each night.  So, just a warning now, mosquito netting and Off spray will be necessity items come May.

But that’s just MY prediction!