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Garden Momma Blues

Working in the yard this weekend, I finally dug out the roots of a former hemlock and planted a small corner garden. I had intended to put in a Japanese maple, and found a weeping variety called Acer palmatum Ryusen.  From what I hear, the leaves will turn bright red in the fall, so I’m now waiting for the show!

As I was putting the garden tools back in the shed, I was delighted to spot a new bloom – a blue hydrangea!

He surprised me because the rest of the blooms on this plant this year had been pink.

I was so excited, I ran in to the house to bring my daughter out and show her this beautiful new bloom.  I told her how the science of the soil determines the color of the flowers of the hydrangea. “This stuff really excites you, huh mom?”

She plugged her earphones back into her head and wandered off.  She was less than impressed.

Blooming Months

Bloom Day – June 15, 2012

Here is my entry in Bloom Day for June 2012.

The clematis has filled in very nicely; I have one on the mailbox and one climbing the lamp post.

Hydrangea takes its color based on the soil conditions.  This year, a pink bloom presented right next to a blue one!  I guess my soil is mixed up this year!

My daylilies have only started – Stella d’Oro is always first, followed by Happily Days.  I love the peachy ones – I’m working on the names of all of them.

The most fascinating bloom is the Evening Primrose – we watch it bloom at dusk.  It’s easily my favorite – because the whole family gets involved in a nightly contest of guessing how many blooms we will have.

Happy Bloom Day!