A flower for France.

yellow iris

yellow iris

I sit here this morning trying to understand what was happening in France last night, but I cannot.

In this increasingly global world we live in, it seems that we are becoming closer to those everywhere.  Today, Paris feels like a city across the river, not an ocean away. Today, we all feel a little closer to France.

One of my favorite bloggers, Cecelia from The Kitchen’s Garden, is currently hosting a young man from France.  Hugo is about the age of my youngest, and I’m following his experience on the farm in Illinois through the camera lens of Celi.  Last night, he was following the horrific events in his homeland via his laptop.  I cannot imagine his horror.

My own son’s friend from high school recently took a job in Paris.  We pray that Molly is safe.

Senseless killings, and they could have been right across the river.  They could have been right here.  But why?

I cannot pretend to understand.

world trade center

We feel your pain


Isn’t She Lovely!

For the past 3 weeks or so, I’ve been walking around the gardens taking special notes and photos of the flowers as they bloom.

And for about a week now, I’ve been waiting for the bursting of the bud.

My newest iris did the bursting today!  I don’t know if the rain we received early this morning did it, but when I walked outside to get into my car to go to work, I glanced over at the Butterfly Garden and there she was!

Pink Iris

Beverly Sills Iris

Isn’t she lovely!



A beautiful surprise

I walked outside to get the paper yesterday, and on my way back to the house, I glanced over at my newest garden.  I planted it last summer, moving a few of the plants from other locations in the yard where they really weren’t happy, and making a new playground for them.  Making these moves in the late summer can be a tricky thing.

There was something white waving to me as I approached the house.  Was it a tossed paper that made its way to my yard?  Closer inspection revealed a new flower!  Three tiny irises were out and showing off!  I swear I was expecting yellow irises.  I thought I remembered transplanting some yellow ones that didn’t care for the shady location I had them in.  But these were beautiful white with a bit of yellow inside.  I have no idea where they came from, but I know I transplanted them last fall.  Apparently, they were so unhappy wherever they were that I don’t think they ever bloomed.

Then again, they may have been in a location of the yard that I don’t see that often, and if they did bloom, I missed them.  But I didn’t miss them this year.

When I create a new garden, I do try to keep a garden log of what I’ve done.  And I know I made a map of what I planted – just where did I put it?  The element of surprise is one of my favorite parts of spring!

Surprises to you!