garden window

Christmastime in the Garden Window

I cannot believe how quickly the Paperwhites bloomed!  I planted them only 3 weeks ago and look – already they are blooming!

They are VERY fragrant as well.  B is not so sure it’s a good fragrance (and I tend to agree), but they are beautiful, nonetheless!  I planted an additional planter, so more should start blooming in about 3 weeks.

I’m just so excited to have flowers blooming in December, I don’t really care what they smell like!

And look who else decided to show up for the party!  Cmas CactusMy Christmas cactus (schlumbergera) hasn’t bloomed for 2 years, and just look how many blooms I will have this Christmas!

This Garden Window may not be the best location for him, as too much light can cause the stems to turn red.  These guys love shade, and they love moisture.  They don’t really sound like much of a cactus!  My Garden Window gets direct sun, due to it’s unfortunate eastern exposure.  The winter months aren’t nearly as harsh as summer, though.  After the blooming this year, I’m going to propagate this guy.  Stay tuned for that feature.

I’m so excited for the Garden Window!