That IS a weed, right?

I have mentioned before that there are some plants that we call weeds that are truly beautiful, and I’m not so sure we should consider them weeds at all.  One of my favorite plants in the yard, my Spiderwort,spiderwort thrives from mid Spring till mid Summer.  It’s very disappointing when it’s time to cut it back, because I know that Summer is coming to an end.  The nice thing about the Spiderwort is that the foliage comes back and it looks like a nice grass.

There is a weed that grows out of this grass each year, but I have always questioned its status as a weed.  The leaves have thorns that grow out of them, which I find very odd, and the flowers are very delicate and white with a bright yellow center.  It’s a weed, but it’s one that I really like.

This year, I decided to identify this weed.  The best way I know of identifying a flower is to Google the description.  So I Googled “white star shaped flower” images, and searched the pictures that appeared.  Easy as that, I discovered Solanum, or Horsenettle – it’s really not a weed at all!

This specimen is one of those “extras” that came with one of the flowers that Alice gave me, more than likely that Spiderwort.


Weeding Wednesday

In true Flylady fashion, I’m officially declaring this, and every Wednesday during the growing season, Weeding Wednesday!

There is certainly time for all things in the garden – it’s my escape from the inside chores that I despise!  But I find if I schedule the inside chores, they are more likely to happen than if I just think about it.  Don’t know about you, but my life is full of good intentions.  From housework to grocery shopping and all stops in between, if I don’t put it on the list, it ain’t gettin’ done!

Weeding can be a very dreaded chore of the yard, but it is actually very therapeutic.  Pulling those weeds and saving the space and nutrients for the things I’m actually intending to grow makes the whole ‘chore’ worthwhile.

However, I have discovered beauty in this particular weed.  Its small orange flower is so tiny you could miss it.

I’m quite sure it’s a weed because I never planted it and it seems to like to grow between the cracks of the driveway.  So dainty for a weed!  A quick google search reveals it’s called Scarlet Pimpernel (Anagallis arvensis).  It’s a very low-growing weed, one that I almost hate to destroy.  I may just keep some around for groundcover – it looks lovely among the rocks!